A natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs

      In Chinese Herbal Pharmacology the use of plants, minerals and animal substances have been used and recorded since antiquity.  The herbal remedies prescribed today are based on formulas that have been elaborated on for thousands of years, still proving to be as effective and safe today as they have been for centuries.

      In my practice, I use Chinese herbal formulas to treat a variety of illnesses.  Some of the most common illnesses treated with Chinese herbal medicine are the common cold, the flu, menstrual cramps, irregular cycling, PCOS, fertility enhancement, sinus, vaginal and yeast infections, headaches, migraines, post-surgical recovery, circulatory and vascular problems, anxiety, insomnia, depression and a host of other conditions.  

     A Chinese herbal formulation can be used as the only treatment or in conjunction with acupuncture for an added effect.  Herbal formulas are chosen and tailored to your particular condition and are incredibly safe and effective.