Since acupuncture first started in the US, the setting has been one person to one room setting. Here, in the US, Community Based acupuncture is generally practiced in a large room with as many as 10 plus patients. The difference in my office setting is that it will be more private. Instead of the traditional one person to one room setting, you will now have the option of receiving acupuncture care, in a semi- private setting, sharing a room with only one other person.

Since, most chronic health conditions require a series of treatments. The true benefits of acupuncture are cumulative, so the ability to come in for weekly or biweekly treatment is essential for more lasting results in most cases. Sharing a treatment room lowers the cost; providing the ability to receive treatment sessions more frequently, thus resolving your health concerns sooner.

The care and quality of the treatments I’ve always provided will remain the same. Prior to every session, there will be an opportunity to review your health concerns privately before entering the shared space.

Patients are encouraged to wear loose fitting clothing or shorts. You’re also welcome to listen to your own personal music with headphones or disposable ear plugs will be offered.

Fees for Community Acupuncture:

  • New Patients to the Office, Initial Fee is $95 Subsequent visits are $60
  • An additional herbal and nutritional consultation is $30
  • Late Cancellations or No Shows are $30

When making an appointment, please mention your interest in Community Style session. Due to the complexity of addressing infertility, Community Style acupuncture does not apply initially.