Cellulite: The Issue Is With Your Tissue

For women, the issue with cellulite stems from our connective tissue which is made primarily of collagen. That connective tissue tends to separate the fat beneath the skin. In women, these fats cells are encased by connective tissue known as septa. Septa is shaped like a honeycomb that essentially pushes the tissue out to cause a dimpling of the skin above the accumulation of fat.

The severity of cellulite is influenced by our diet, our lifestyles, and our physical activity as well as hormonal levels, genetics, and the distribution of fat and muscle density. Connective tissue abnormalities, poor circulation and lymph drainage also aggravate cellulite. Decreased blood flow causes small blood vessels to become weak and leak excessive fluid that pools the compartments between the fat chambers. 

Women’s propensity towards cellulite is primary fueled by estrogen. The hormone that defines our curves and our femininity, also encourages the accumulation of fat cells. Opposite to estrogen is testosterone, the primary hormonal drive for men. Testosterone inherently builds muscle and burns fat; greatly lowering the odds of the appearance of cellulite on men. Men who have either high cortisol levels, blood sugar levels and high exogenous estrogen influences can be affected by cellulite as well. Another hormone that influences fat accumulation is cortisol, known as the stress hormone. This is especially evident if there’s an accumulation of abdominal fat. 

MRI imaging studies have confined that the connective tissue in the top layer of fat and skin is more easily affected by hormonal, vascular and structural changes that influence the skin’s support structure, allowing fat to bulge out into the dermis, just down the outermost layer beneath the skin. This encourages that lumpy skin appearance. Although you don’t need to be overweight to have cellulite, excessive body fat makes it more widespread and visible. 

Improving Fat Metabolism 

One way to minimize and reduce cellulite is by losing body fat and improving connective tissue. Exercise improves blood flow, which in turn strengthens muscles, connective tissue and the lymphatic system. Adding specifically targeted weight -training exercises can target problems areas such as the hips, thighs, arms and buttocks. 

Supplementing with Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) two naturally-occurring fatty acids have shown to be useful in supporting proper fat burning and the maintenance of lean muscle tissue as well as modulating inflammation. CLA is especially effective in burning visceral fat; the type hiding between muscles and organs. GLA increases your metabolism by making adipose fat (known as brown fat) in the body burn calories for energy and keep your body warm. GLA helps active brown fat and burns off the “white” fat that accumulates under your skin all over your body. Additionally, GLA promotes healthy female hormonal production. The main metabolic roadblocks that get in the way of the conversion of healthy fats are trans fats, sugar and alcohol. 

Improving Blood Circulation

Poor circulation aggravates cellulite. Here is where all those super Omega-3’s found in fish will provide superior therapeutic outcomes. Omega-3’s not only improve vascular health but also improve varicosities, they decrease your risks of heart attacks, strokes, plaque reduction on your arteries, lifts your mood, lowers your cholesterol and triglycerides levels. Omega-3's will increase circulation to all parts of your body including your most precious organ, your brain.

Strengthening Connective Tissue and Collagen

The most widely used botanical herb addressing cellulite is Centella Asiatica, commonly known as Gotu Kola. In Asian cultures, Gotu Kola has been used for hundred of years practically in every dermatological conditions such as wound healing, burns, postoperative hypertrophic scars and premature skin aging caused by sun exposure. Gotu Kola can effectively synthesize collagen production. Additionally, it dissolves fatty cysts, improves lymphatic circulation, act as a diuretic and as a tonic for your blood vessels; preventing the appearance of varicose veins.

In treating cellulite, Gotu Kola has demonstrated positive results. Taken orally at a dose of 60 mg for 90 days, along with dietary changes over several months, Gotu Kola showed significant improvement in the appearance of cellulite. Gotu Kola, not only caused shrinkage of fat cells over the buttocks and thighs, but also reduced fibrous tissues between fat cells. 

And lastly, avoid consumption of foods that encourage cellulite and inflammation: white sugar, alcoholic beverages and trans-fats found in pastries and fried foods. 

Using the protocol listed above, I’ve had some good results with a few of my very compliant patients. So, if you want to address your cellulite, links are provided below using the professional-grade line of supplements from Designs for Health and botanical formulations manufactured by Medi-Herb and distributed by Standard Process. The products from both Designs and Medi-Herb are only available through licensed health care practitioners. Patients will beable to order directly thru the links provided below. 

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