Fat Distribution and Hormones


As we age and in spite of attempting to eat well or how hard we work out, there are certain spots where we tend to hold on to fat in the least flattering areas.  It might be flabby arms, love handles, or a muffin top. 
     For women, estrogen defines our curves and progesterone nips our waist. That classic hour glass is an indication of a perfect hormonal balance between estrogen and progesterone.
     Testosterone is the primary sex hormone for men. Produced in the testicles, it easily encourages muscle and bone growth, body hair and a deep voice. 
     While some of these fat distribution areas can be genetics, especially if you’ve always tended to be heavier in one area such as your hips or abdomen; after puberty and as we ageour lifestyle choices and dietary habits as well asthose gender differences is what will influence where we accumulate fat distribution. However, in both sexes excessive cortisol and insulin can wreck havoc with our sex hormones and will cause fat deposit in those areas least desired.

Hormonal Imbalances

high cortisol/insulin
causes- eating too little high quality protein, too many refined carb, sugar, and trans-fats, insufficient sleep especially with excessive stress, and not enough exercise or the opposite too much can stresses your adrenals
solution- adjust dietary choices, think Mediterranean, Paleo- type or Atkins or Mediterranean, add adatogenic herbs, add high fiber content, legumes and root vegetables add exercise or adjust to reflect energy levels, and sleep more

excessive estrogen
causes- high fat diet combined with processed foods, birth control pills, alcohol, constipation, being overweight, and impaired liver detoxification
solution- eat only hormone and antibiotic free dairy products, meat, chicken and eggs, add complex carbs to help your liver detoxifyhormones, add more sleep, and many of the same solutions for high cortisol

low estrogen
causes- low fat diets, being too thin, aging-menopause, smoking
solution- add Vitamin E, Maca, magnesium, black cohosh, add healthy fats

low testosterone for men
causes- age related decline in testosterone, testicular or pituitary tumors, vasectomy, excessive estrogen exposure with can be dietary or environmental, alcohol especially beer which is made from hops, certain medication,  “warm testicles” from over cycling, obesity
solution- eat hormone and antibiotic free animal protein,  lose weight; addingherbs such as tribulus, cut back on alcohol

low testosterone for women
causes- aging and menopause
solution- get your DHEAs tested as well as testosterone, consult with alternative health care practitioner for guidance

low growth hormone
causes- aging, lack of exercise, lack of sufficient sleep, eating just prior to sleeping, sleeping with light on
solution- eating too little high quality protein - looks for hormone free and lean proteins

low DHEA
causes- aging, prolonged levels of high chronic stress, overworked, lack of sleep
solution- avoid eating too many refined carb, sugar, and trans-fats

low progesterone
causes- lack of ovulation, relentless high levels of chronic stress, low LH hormone, hypothyroidism, excess prolactin levels
solution- constant high levels of stress especially with insufficient sleep

If you’re interested in addressing some hormonal imbalances of your own see some of the links below which will provide you with the supplements and nutrients needed to address them. If testosterone, low growth hormone, and DHEA imbalances appear to be an issue for you then it is recommended that you get blood tests and consult with a trusted health care provider.

For insulin/ blood sugar support: 




For high cortisol : 



For excessive estrogen:


For low estrogen: