In my commitment to providing the most efficacious results and for those conditions where the addition of specific high quality micronutrients are of particular benefit; I have been using and recommending the professional-grade line of supplements from Designs for Health available only through licensed health care professionals.

     Using the most current evidence-based research to formulate their products, Designs for Health utilizes the most exclusive and cutting-edge raw materials to  provide a proven track record of superior results.  Their manufacturing standards are FDA/GMP certified and free of gluten, soy protein, fructose and artificial additives or sweeteners.

     The efficacy and safety of a product is only as good as its ingredients and manufacturer.  There can be quality and cost differences between mass-market retail brand supplements versus professional grade.

     Knowing which brands to choose is confusing and guidance with your health care professional is ideal.  And so with great pleasure I am proud to announce a convenient way that allows you to order Designs for Health products and receive a 15% discount with the added assurance that the products you are ordering are not old, expired or counterfeit products as is often the case with many online discounters.

     This discount applies to all products available from my office dispensary as well as online orders through my website.  To order please click here

     To receive the 15% discount, you'll need to use the promo code: selma15 when checking out.

      All orders qualify for free shipping.