I’ve had the privilege of being in the expert care of Selma Rondon for over two decades. In that time she has been my first line of defense for almost every minor and major ailment and health challenge I have faced. She has intelligently and successfully managed notoriously difficult to diagnose and cure issues from hereditary migraines, to persistent allergies, to chronically severe back pain, to the complexity of fibroids and peri-menopause, to tenacious neurological Lyme disease and its attendant cognitive and systemic disfunction, to post-traumatic stress, depression and grief, to insomnia, to digestive disorders and to the common flu, just to name a few… Never have I met a health care practitioner whose knowledge base is as broad, who is always as well versed in the latest medical research and new thinking, and whose supplement protocols are as effectively tailored to an individual’s specific needs. And on top of all that, her rolodex is full of solid referrals to the best medical and alternative specialists who she has had direct experience with. Selma is tenaciously and uncompromisingly dedicated to the wellbeing and wellness of her clients. And she has kept her prices aggressively affordable to guarantee an inclusive and accessible practice for most. I cannot recommend her enough.
— Patricia B from a Yelp review
Selma -
I’m feeling so much better. Like, 90% better and I wanted to thank you for always taking such good care of me. You’re truly the best.
— Kendall M.
Hi Selma,

I just wanted to send you a note and tell you that I am 11 weeks pregnant!

We decided not to do the IUI in December and I just came to see you, and it worked. ;)
I passed your information on to a few friends, who may have already booked with you.

I just wanted to share the news with you personally.
— Kari M.
Selma Rondon is amazing. I had major skin issues and sleep disorders, as well as chronic bronchitis….Selma helped them all….cleared up my skin and treated me so that I could get a good night’s sleep naturally.…having gone to dermatologists for years….Selma was able to diagnose my issues….and clear them up….I had gone to internists for my bronchitis again, for years, and every year they would put me on various drugs….I can honestly say under Selma’s care, I have not had bronchitis in 4 years….which is fantastic….she is dedicated to her practice and far more knowledgeable about alternative medicine than most doctors….
— Randall D. from a Yelp review
You have done wonders for me over the years. I still remember our first phone call and meeting and have been continuously impressed by you and your abilities.
— Sandy C.
Thanks to you, my shoulder and upper arm are unbelievably better. You are amazing!!!
— Carol C.
… I’m 3 weeks away from giving birth to a little girlie, and so far the pregnancy has been a breeze. Really believe that your acupuncture played a key role in everything (including even getting pregnant in the first place), so thank you!
— Leigh P.
We worked together on fertility sessions last April through about July and I wanted to thank you for all the help that you gave me during that time. It turned out that right before thinking about Clonid, I got pregnant in August and am due to give birth in May. Thanks for all you contributed to making this happen. I definitely believe in the power of acupuncture and hadn’t tried it before I met you.
— Judy S.
Thanks for all your help over the past year - I went through the IVF process and it as successful! I’m due in April and very excited. I appreciate all your support and encouragement.
— Cristina
Thank you for all your help and support and wise words this year. I really appreciate all the work you’ve done and how that has helped me with getting and staying pregnant.
— Rachaela
After my latest IVF cycle I am now pregnant. I have no idea how or if anything in particular made this time different, but I appreciate your help and support!
— Danielle D.
Selma helped bring me back from the brink of desperate illness. When I first came to her my brain had demyelinated to the point I couldn’t lift a fork or attach files to email and within several visits she brought my brain’s basic functions back. In other words, she was able to halt and reverse the demyelination. I saw more than a half a dozen MDs, but none could figure out what was wrong. Selma suspected late-stage Lyme the very first time I saw her, and 3 months later I finally got the blood work from my MDs that confirmed this diagnosis. Selma played a large role in encouraging me to keep pursuing Lyme testing and antibiotics. She has an impressive understanding of western allopathic medicine and how acupuncture can complement (and sometimes correct) its approach. Her ability to treat neurological, anxiety, weakness, arthritis, and migraine symptoms has been nothing short of miraculous. And I’m not even seeing her for one of her main specialities: fertility. Now my MDs are telling me they never expected to see me improve much at all - and I’m headed toward a complete recovery - and Selma gets much of that credit. I’ve had acupuncture many times before, and Selma is hands down the best. From conditions as common as migraines or extreme as rapid brain demyelination, Selma can handle it all.
— Kayla S.
As a 37-year-old woman, I started seeing Selma after attempting pregnancy on my own for 6 months. I worked with her for 2 months and she reerred me to an RE who removed polyps and a small fibroid and endometriosis. Subsequently I got pregnant and with my progesterone levels in the low 20s I miscarried. My doctor assured me my progesterone levels were “adequate” and that my miscarriage was a “chemical pregnancy.” Selma really thought an overlooked cause was my progesterone level which she felt was too low. Fortunately, I got pregnant the very next month after the miscarriage. Being a medical doctor myself, I was impressed by Selma’s medical knowledge and decided to follow Selma’s advice the second time around and doubled up on my progesterone treatment at her urging. She is well-educated in the hard scientific research of traditional western medicine in addition to her expertise in eastern medicine and rather than choosing sides, she appreciates the valuable tools both approaches can provide. In addition, Selma has lovely qualities simply as a person. She is warm, supportive, humorous, caring, thoughtful and genuine. She remembers every conversation you have with her and seeing her weekly for acupuncture treatments is a real pleasure.
— Alice Y.
Selma, Thank you for all your help and expertise in making my pregnancy and easier experience. Here’s a picture of the bundle of joy.
— Vanessa T.
FSH is down to 8.3 (it was 16.3 before I started coming to you). Acupuncture, no booze, diet, and no Facebook — it works!!!!!!!!!!
— Francine O.
Thank you so much, Selma!!!!!!!
Thank you for giving me my family!!!!
See you soon for #3!
— Debra W.
Hi Selma,
It went fine this morning and the [IVF follicle] count was 33!!!!!!!!!!
I am so grateful to you. See you soon;
— Joanna F.
I just wanted to again thank you for everything throughout the entire process of getting pregnant. Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated.
— Anne R.
I can never thank you enough. You were so generous an so helpful. What you did so simply and clearly focused me. I have already greatly changed the way I eat and take care of myself.
— Ann P.
I was very anxious about trying to get pregnant in my late 30s, and felt clueless about how to maximize my chances. I’m certain that my weekly treatments with Selma not only provided me with the support and guidance that I needed, but were the reason we were able to conceive in just a few short months. My husband is still fighting for some credit here. Thank you, Selma!
— Diane F.
I came to Selma after one of New York City’s top IVF clinics told me I could not start treatment because my FSH levels were too high, and IVF would be unsuccessful. After our first meeting, I felt reassured that I would get pregnant. I followed Selma’s instructions and changed my diet, started taking the supplements she recommended, and started acupuncture treatments twice a week. I am thrilled to report that after 1 month under Selma’s care I got pregnant on my own!!!
— Francine O.
I wanted to thank you for your caring and expertise in helping me to regulate my periods and achieve my goal of getting pregnant! I am now 13.5 weeks and all is going well.
— Mary C.S.
I went to visit Selma when I was 36 and had been trying to get pregnant for two years and had suffered two miscarriages at the 12 week stage. I was feeling very anxious about the situation and I was confused by all the different information out there about fertility. Selma was great. She was calm and authoritative and took me through all the issues that might be affecting my ability to conceive. She gave me clear advice on doctors who could help me check up on specific issues and gave good tips about the kind of questions I should be asking doctors. During my time seeing Selma I have managed to have two healthy baby boys. I am really appreciative for all the great advice and knowledge that she shared.
Selma is very committed to her work and is always researching and reading and sharing her learning. She also has a great sense of humor and sets you at ease. I always recommend Selma to friends who need help with fertility issues.
— Rachel S.
It is a pleasure to visit Selma Rondon’s attractive, well-run office, where a feeling of calm pervades. Selma as been treating me with success for a wide variety of medical issues over many years. She is always attentive, well-informed, practical, and empathetic. Selma Rondon has earned my trust; she is a healer.
— Cyrilla M.
You are Florence Nightingale, you are Mother Theresa, you are Joan of Arc, all rolled into one and when they finally get around to nominating you for sainthood, I will be there to vote for you early and often.
When I left your office yesterday, my feet did not touch the ground. Even though you had done this before, I could not believe I was walking without pain. Just a few hours earlier, it had been so excruciating that I could hardly make it from our bedroom to the bathroom. Incredible.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I wish you long life, wonderful health, and thousands and thousands of happy, grateful patients.
— Gus R.
Thank you for helping me to have my own miracle. We still have some time before we can actually hold him, but 20 weeks now, and I can feel him kick. And if that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what else is...
— Umit G.
When I first met Selma, I was at my wit’s end trying to get pregnant. I walked in her office an emotional wreck and she immediately put me at ease. Her confidence that I would eventually get pregnant was so reassuring and exactly what I needed to hear. She was extremely knowledgeable and referred me to an RE who specialized in immune disorders. It turned out that is exactly what I had and with Selma and the RE’s help I was able to get pregnant 6 months later. Not only was Selma my acupuncturist, she was my teacher, my therapist and my biggest cheerleader. There is no doubt in my mind that my 8-week-old son would not be here today if it weren’t for her.
— Janis S.
Guess what? Your treatments worked! I conceived my beautiful daughter last May. She is 15 months old now. Thank you so much!
— Marin M.
My son is already 1 and he is incredible! Thank you so much for working with me so that I could have him.
— Jana S.
Thank you, a million times thank you. We could not have made this precious one without you.
— Steph N.
Thank you so much for helping me to understand my body better and for helping to make our coming baby possible!
— Erica B.
There are no words that are anywhere near adequate to express my gratitude to you. You helped me achieve a dream, for that I will always be thankful … (every time I look at my little girl).
— Mary C.